How to plan a San Juan Island Holiday Getaway

You know you need a weekend getaway when thinking about planning one seems overwhelming. Gorgeous San Juan Island, only 65 miles north of Seattle, is close and easy to reach in the quiet season. The isle, nestled in the Olympic Rain Shadow, enjoys over 247 sunny days per year. Hotels and restaurants are running amazing specials and you may find yourself alone on the beaches with the foxes, otters and sea lions.

Simply follow this easy, step-by-step article on How to Plan a San Juan Island Holiday Getaway and come visit!

Not Your Usual Christmas Eve in Friday Harbor

It’s the holiday season! Are you feeling the cheer? Not so much this year? You are in luck and not alone!

It may seem counterintuitive to escape to a small island all decked out in holiday finery, with Winter Markets and old-fashioned Christmas celebrations and Santa arriving on a boat. For one couple, it is exactly here where they find the calm and peace they were longing for.

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10 Things to do on San Juan Island in the Winter

San Juan Island’s Winters are charming--where you can certainly look forward to some dramatic Pacific Northwest storm watching, it rarely gets cold enough to snow and that big orange thing in the sky is seen quite often (on average San Juan Island enjoys 247 sunny days per year). Add to that delicious, impeccably prepared, island grown food, handcrafted beer, wine, cider and spirits in cozy Farm-to-Table-Restaurants, Winter wildlife watching, marvelous museums and galleries and you have yourself the perfect Winter getaway.

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The Ultimate San Juan Island Bucket List

Why create a bucket list? Don’t we all have enough things to juggle as it is? Yes, and that’s exactly the point. We are all caught up in our daily lives: family, job, running a household, helping in our community. And if you are like me, you put yourself last a lot. Sometimes so much, that if you do have some time, you don’t even know what to do with yourself.

That’s when the bucket list comes in handy. Nourish your soul, fuel your hunger for adventure, plunge into joy to boost your self-esteem, fill your emotional coffers to the rim and be the best person you can be for yourself and for the people around you.

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Everybody’s got to Eat!

In the American Camp prairie above South Beach on San Juan Island, sightings of bunnies, foxes and Bald Eagles are quite common. In May of this year though, visitors were treated to a spectacular battle, when a young fox captured a bunny and a Bald Eagle swept in to steal said bunny and ended up carrying bunny and fox 20 feet in the air. Just at that moment Kevin Ebi had his camera ready to take the above breathtaking photograph.

Kevin is a professional nature photographer, whose work has appeared in numerous publications, including National Geographic, National Wildlife, Smithsonian, Outdoor Photographer, and Lonely Planet guides. His amazing work is available for licensing and as fine-art prints. Check out his complete “Battle in the Sky” photo series on his Wilderness Blog.