Savor the San Juans!

Every October San Juan Island rejoices in Savor the San Juans, a month-long fall feast for all senses, a celebration of food, art and culture. Join us for the Harvest Festival and Fall Farm Parade.  You can also enjoy wine and food tastings, restaurant specials highlighting island grown fare, lodging specials, farm tours, live music, theater and the acclaimed Friday Harbor Film Festival on October 26-28, 2018.

The above picture was taken in abundant Fall at the San Juan Island Farmer’s Market at Brickworks Plaza in the heart of Friday Harbor. It’s a mini fair every Saturday with fresh produce, meats, cheeses, seafood, arts and crafts, live music, chair massages and the most delicious ready to eat foods like spotted prawn paella, pizza, pastries and more.

Plan the Perfect San Juan Island Family Reunion

Has it been a while since your last family reunion? Do you remember how connected and loved you felt after the last one?  You'd like to have that feeling again, but you're just not sure you're up to the task of planning another one. Who has the time to organize it all? Finding a fun place for everybody, the planning, the stress, the cost.

Life is short. Kids grow up fast. Check out this comprehensive article on How to plan the Perfect Family Reunion on San Juan Island. It’s ridiculously easy. No excuses! Let’s Go!

San Juan Island’s select Farm-to-Table-Restaurants

San Juan Island’s select Farm-to-Table-Restaurants

If you are a locavore with a passion for Pacific Northwest Cuisine, the lovely little family-owned restaurants speckling San Juan Island are for you! Not only are you doing good for the environment by eating less travelled food; fresh, seasonal produce, meats and seafood are also jam packed with nutrients and simply taste better than commercially grown food treated with harmful chemicals.