Artists of the Word on San Juan Island

Beautiful San Juan Island is known for its pristine nature, stunning vistas, amazing wildlife and rich history. The isle is also home to incredibly talented artists in every medium imaginable. As a matter of fact, San Juan County has more working artists per capita than any other place in Washington State. You can’t miss the galleries, museums, arts and crafts fairs, sculptures and live music on San Juan Island. You might overlook the artists of the word, the ones who ask the difficult questions, frame our reality, make us feel like we belong and inspire us to be brave.

The photograph above was taken by Cere Demuth, the author of “The Way We Stay”, her memoir. Cere is a writer and psychotherapist living on San Juan Island who tells the tale of her son’s heroin addiction, retracing her own wild upbringing and tenderly weaving a story of heartbreaking love, vulnerability, faith and healing. You can buy her book at the fabulous Griffin Bay Bookstore in Friday Harbor or on Amazon.