Sunset Fox at South Beach

Red Foxes are quite common on San Juan Island, especially in American Camp National Park. It’s an amazing experience to sit on South Beach at sunset and observe them hunting in the dunes.

The Red Fox is not native to the isle and was introduced throughout the 20th century to help control a non-native, formerly domesticated species, which had gotten out of control after being accidentally released into the wild: The European Rabbit.

Red Foxes weigh between 10 and 14 pounds, but appear much bigger, due to their bushy tails. They are members of the Canidae family like dogs, they prefer the open prairie and are not strictly nocturnal. The fluffy omnivores feast alongside the rabbits they are supposed to snack upon, on mice, insects, birds, snakes, nuts, fruit and berries. Their absolute favorite though is the Port Townsend Mole.

Their black-tipped ears can hear a mouse squeal from 150 feet away. Unfortunately they can also hear the candy wrappers and potato chip bags from that same distance and come to explore. Please never feed a wild animal, don’t approach or touch. Keep San Juan Island’s foxes wild!