Go Where You Feel Most Alive!

When you leave the boundaries of Lime Kiln State Park to the north, beyond the rebuilt lime kiln, you’ll find yourself in the Limekiln Preserve, a Landbank managed trail system in the woods, high above the Salish Sea.

In the late 19th and early 20th century, San Juan County was the main lime producer in Washington State. Deposits of high-quality limestone was found right on the shore. The deep waters around San Juan Island’s West Side made transportation of the finished lime easy and profitable.

The above picture is of the former lime quarry bordering on Lime Kiln State Park. On top you are rewarded with clear views all the way to Canada and the Olympics.

When you go: stay on the trails and bring a trail map, so you don’t get lost. And please be safe and don’t climb around in the ruins of old lime kilns and definitely don’t climb the unstable lime quarries. There are trails leading you right to the top. Have so much fun!