June is Orca Awareness Month

This beautiful photo of J26 and J50, who we lost in 2018, was taken by Whale Watch Captain James Maya with Maya’s Legacy Whale Watching. He sent it along with the following message:

“This is my small gift to you. Make prints of this image, as many as you like. Give them away, send them to friends, gift them to others, go spread the word, the story of J50, and the SRKWs and their plight. Talk about salmon restoration. Join the Center for Whale Research. Give your dollars to worthy causes. Talk about global warming. Talk about the Snake River. Talk about the Big Leaf Maples that are dying. There is much to be done. Spread the word. 

J50 and her clan are the canaries in the coal mine. Our environment is the coal mine. The canaries are dying.”

Capt. Jim

James Mead Maya