How to plan the Perfect Girlfriend Getaway to San Juan Island

There is just something extra special about talking to someone who really knows you, who knows you from before kids, before your current relationship and career. Someone, who calls you on your BS without being mean and who really knows how far you’ve come. Your girlfriends. It’s truly rejuvenating and recharging to hang with your BBF’s and so much cheaper than therapy. Plus, it’s the 50-shades-of-grey time of the year and then there are the holidays. So, plan a girlfriend getaway for after Christmas and have something to look forward to.

Here is our recipe for planning the most amazing Girlfriend Getaway to San Juan Island:

1)          Take 1-5 awesome Friends

It’s best to avoid an uneven number of travel partners, so folks can buddy up and nobody feels left out.  Resist the idea of bringing partners, kids or other relatives. It changes the dynamic and might pull you in too many directions.

2)          Add a Destination

San Juan Island is a sensational GG destination, especially in the Winter and Spring. It’s so close to Seattle (only 45 minutes by plane or 65 miles and a ferry ride by car). It has tons of things to do: shopping, museums, spas, hiking, beach combing and whale watching, to name a few. It’s not super expensive and has – thanks to the Olympic Rain Shadow – an average of 247 sunny days and half the rainfall of Seattle.

3)          Do Talk about Money

Especially when you guys come from different economic backgrounds, talk budget before your trip. Come up with a total for gas, ferry, hotel, food. Then every girl can add on their massage and pedi if she wants to or buy those shoes, yes, those.

4)          Have the other Talk

Conflicts arise when needs and expectations aren’t met. What do you guys want from this trip? Are you all in on the spa day and whale watch trip? Are there gluten free options at the restaurant you will go to? What do you mean, when you say “hiking”, a quarter mile stroll to the Lime Kiln Lighthouse, a three-mile trek up Mt Young or hiking down Spring Street to Mike’s Wine Bar?

5)          Share the Planning

Have one of you take care of lodging (don’t forget to ask about group discounts). Rotate, who is in charge of dinner reservations and fun things to do. Create a preliminary itinerary and stay flexible. Don’t plan something for every minute of the day. You are going on an adventure to an island!

6)          Put those phones down

Agree, once here, to take tons of pictures, but don’t spend your getaway on Facebook. Make sure all is good at home, then limit texting and calling. Be present where you are and with the people around you.

7)          Let simmer until it’s time

Read up on recommended San Juan Island Activities, make spa reservations ahead of time, know the opening hours for the museums and galleries you wish to see and allow yourself to feel giddy about hanging with your girls soon